Jan 10th 2020

  • FIX Updated /skin/reboot/custom/json_ld.tpl to fix LocalBusiness AggregateRating schema.
  • UPDATE Updated /reboot/get_testimonials.php to get testimonials ratings for the LocalBusiness AggregateRating schema.
  • UPDATE Header account dropdown now includes RMA search - /skin/reboot/custom/header/dropdown_account.tpl
  • Apply SQL patch...
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages SET code='en', name='lbl_find_return_id', value="Return ID", topic='Labels';
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages SET code='en', name='lbl_find_return', value="Find", topic='Labels';
  • UPDATE Bootstrap Icons updated to v1.3.0 - Download
  • UPDATE linkSize: 999, added to skin/common_files/modules/Redactor/redactor.tpl to prevent pasted link names from truncating.
  • IMPROVEMENT Quick contact form now shows a popup message on successful submission.
  • NEW Trending products page, which sorts products by page views descending (relies on the Page Views addon).
  • NEW Third shop closed template.

Jan 5th 2020

  • UPDATE Blog pages overhauled to look a bit more 'Wordpress-like' and cater for larger images.
  • UPDATE The recent filterable/searchable General FAQ page now becomes the default and also includes microdata for SEO.
  • NEW Status column added to the admin products search results table.
  • NEW Homepage Style 4 added.
  • NEW Homepage main container, classes can be set via template settings > homepage.
  • NEW Products grid view, number of columns on mobiles, can be set via template settings > catalog.
  • NEW A light box-shadow was added to Bootstrap buttons.
  • FIX Homepage slider video slides, 21:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios fixed, so the YouTube play buttons are correctly aligned. The youtube-play.png image was renamed to yt-play.png, as it was getting blocked by ad blockers.

Dec 22nd 2020

v4.7.12.4 New Release

  • IMPROVEMENT Template JS and CSS assets are now served using the traditional X-Cart method by default.
  • If you have no issues using the PHP Minify app, you needn't upgrade. More information...

  • FIX /skin/reboot/customer/main/register_additional_info.tpl updated to fix validation issue on non-required additional register fields.
  • NEW FAQs can now be filtered and searched by keyword - Demo Patch Files (faq.php?filter=y vs faq.php)
  • NEW txt_welcome_alt_title language text added, and /skin/reboot/custom/home/welcome_text_1.tpl updated, if you want a custom homepage welcome dialog title text.
  • NEW Menu and dialog headers can have vertical or horizontal gradient backgrounds (optional in theme settings). Apply this SQL patch, then upload the new /skin/reboot/customer/menu_dialog.tpl and /skin/reboot/customer/dialog.tpl templates.
  • UPDATE Black and white border colours added to /skin/reboot/css/palette.css
  • UPDATE Redactor HTML editors JS updated to latest version.

Dec 18th 2020

  • FIX /skin/reboot/js/plugins/jquery.mb.browser.min.js updated to fix the recent Mac OS Big Sur browser user agent update.
  • NEW Collage promos and home style #3 added.
  • NEW Header search category dropdown for when predictive search is not enabled on desktops and mobiles.

Dec 12th 2020

  • UPDATE Bootstrap icons updated to v1.2.1 - Demo. We've also included the new icon fonts if you want to use them.
  • To use, add the following to /min/groupsConfig.php
  • 		'//skin/reboot/css/bootstrap-icons.css',
  • All SVG icons have been moved into a separate ZIP file, to make installing the template a bit quicker.

Dec 7th 2020

  • UPDATE Advanced product options now includes variant inline size radios - Demo - Patch Files
    (Upload to /skin/reboot/modules/Product_Options) and apply SQL patch...
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages SET code='en', name='lbl_apo_inline_sizes', value='Inline Radio Sizes', topic='Labels';
  • UPDATE Lightgallery JS updated to latest version and new /skin/reboot/css/misc/lightgallery_light.css stylesheet if you prefer a light lightbox theme instead of dark (light is now the default) - Demo. You can change to light or dark in /min/groupsConfig.php
  • UPDATE Redactor HTML editors JS updated to latest version.
  • UPDATE Wordpress v5.6 tested.
  • FIX /skin/reboot/customer/home_printable.tpl to use local Bootstrap CSS.
  • FIX /reboot/get_product_info.php updated (redundant code removed).

Dec 1st 2020

  • UPDATE Product names in grid view improved, truncated on two lines instead of one.
  • NEW Cookie Alert addon. Basic alert for stores that don't require full GDPR functionality.
  • (Cookie name is acceptCookies).
  • NEW Ability to quickly sort HTML tables by column - Demo
  • NEW SuperTinyIcons SVG icons added. GitHub.
  • UPDATE Users online tweaked a little to show Google, Amazon and Apple bot icons.

Nov 15th 2020

  • UPDATE /skin/reboot/customer/favicons.tpl updated to show dynamic favicons on category, product and manufacturer pages (optional) - Demo
  • UPDATE Can now browse through images in lightbox galleries by using the mouse wheel.
  • UPDATE Redactor HTML editors JS updated to latest version.
  • NEW New /config.local.php file, enabling you to display product extra fields in /skin/reboot/customer/main/products_t.tpl

Nov 10th 2020

v4.7.12.3 New Release

  • NEW Advanced Product Options - Variant image swatches, stacked/inline radios, date/colour pickers, easier validation. Demo Info & SQL Patch
  • IMPROVEMENT /reboot/dynamic_search_queries.php - SQL queries adjusted for broader results - Patch File
  • NEW Product setting to display product description below the product images, or the product details.
  • UPDATE Quantity in stock amounts hidden, replaced with IN STOCK / OUT OF STOCK.
  • UPDATE /skin/reboot/modules/Users_Online/stats.tpl tweaked.
  • UPDATE /skin/reboot/custom/widgets/widget_testimonial.tpl updated to add |date_format
  • Minor code changes.

Oct 29th 2020

  • UPDATE Refine Filters are now visible on mobile devices - Patch Files (view readme.txt) Demo
  • UPDATE If the Email Account Activation module is enabled, an info alert appears to inform them to check email after registering - Demo

Oct 28th 2020

  • UPDATE Order declined error pages improved, with quick contact forms added - Patch Files Demo
  • NEW Category and testimonial carousel widgets Demo
  • FIX 'Daylight saving' setting for the 'next day delivery countdown notification' feature, to avoid page refreshing.
  • To fix manually, edit /skin/reboot/js/plugins/nddcn.js and change offset: 1, to offset: 0,
  • NEW Link to edit Third Party JS template added to /skin/reboot/admin/reboot_admin_menu.tpl
  • NEW Order Insights module included - Info
  • UPDATE (GR)Avatars enabled on testimonials - Demo
  • UPDATE Bootstrap icons updated to v1.1.0 - Demo

Oct 24th 2020

  • UPDATE Redactor HTML editors JS updated to latest version.
  • Replace /skin/common_files/modules/Redactor/*

Oct 14th 2020

  • UPDATE Bootstrap updated to v4.5.3 - Patch Files.
  • UPDATE Flatpickr updated to latest version, v4.6.6 (/skin/reboot/lib/flatpickr/*)
  • UPDATE Lightgallery updated to latest version, v1.9.0

Oct 8th 2020

  • HOT FIX Updated /modules/Manufacturers/quick_find.php to prevent import errors. Patch File
  • UPDATE Updated /reboot/quick_contact.php to add company name to the email subject.
  • UPDATE Sweetalert2 JS and CSS updated to v10.3.5
  • UPDATE Redactor HTML editors JS updated to latest version.

Sep 22nd 2020

  • NEW Setting to show catalog prices excluding tax.
  • UPDATE Detailed Images module - Cloudzoom code updated to work with basic variants and detailed images.
  • UPDATE Feature Comparison module - compare buttons changed to checkboxes and JS code adjusted.
  • UPDATE Redactor HTML editors JS updated to latest version.

Sep 16th 2020

  • FIX Updated /skin/reboot/customer/content.tpl to fix duplicate catrootmenu_src ID HTML validation issue.
  • Just remove the code id="catrootmenu_src"

Sep 13th 2020

  • UPDATE Bootstrap icons updated to v1.0.0 - Demo

Aug 27th 2020

  • HOT FIX Custom product fields HTML was not saving... Easy to fix, see additional install steps 8 and 9
  • Patch File (upload the reboot_product_trusted.php file to /include)

Aug 26th 2020

Aug 22nd 2020

Aug 22nd 2020

Aug 16th 2020

  • NEW Lowest wholesale prices can now be displayed on product listings, ie. "From / As low as $x".
  • File updated - /skin/reboot/customer/main/products_t.tpl
  • New PHP file - /reboot/get_wholesale_prices.php - Read file for PHP code to insert.
  • SQL Patch... (clear cache after)

    REPLACE INTO xcart_config VALUES ('reboot_products_lowest_wholesale','','','Reboot',8300,'checkbox','','','','Y');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages VALUES ('en','opt_reboot_products_lowest_wholesale','Display lowest wholesale price','Options');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages VALUES ('en','opt_descr_reboot_products_lowest_wholesale','Wholesale Trading module must be enabled','Options');
  • NEW Add To Cart Popup module, upselling/related products displayed as a carousel by default - Patch Files
  • FIX Next / Previous products, JS errors when hovering 'View All' button fixed - Patch Files
  • UPDATE /skin/reboot/customer/featured_items.tpl - columns adjusted.
  • UPDATE Redactor editors updated, better image positioning, Bootstrap grid CSS and clips.
  • Replace /skin/common_files/modules/Redactor/*
  • UPDATE Wordpress v5.5 tested, works fine, no edits required.

Aug 13th 2020

  • NEW Homepage slider has a new aspect ratio setting (21:9 / 16:9 / 4:3).
  • Patch Files SQL Patch... (clear cache after)
  • REPLACE INTO xcart_config VALUES ('reboot_slider_ratio','','16-9','Reboot',6045,'selector','','21-9:21\:9\n16-9:16\:9\n4-3:4\:3','','Y');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages VALUES ('en','opt_reboot_slider_ratio','Slides aspect ratio','Options');

Aug 6th 2020

Aug 4th 2020

July 31st 2020

  • NEW Next Day Delivery Cutoff Notification addon (experimental). Would like some testers, get in touch.

July 28th 2020

  • UPDATE Developer tools modal, bigger space to preview meta descriptions - Replace /skin/reboot/custom/tools.tpl
  • DEPRECATED jquery.rss.min.js removed from /min/groupsConfig.php
  • Removed due to issues on IE11 (RSS feed generators unaffected)
  • NEW Featured manufacturers logo carousel standalone widget added.

July 21st 2020

  • NEW Manufacturers added to the mobile header menu.
  • Replace /skin/reboot/custom/mobile_modals.tpl and /skin/reboot/custom/menus/header_menu_mobile.tpl

July 20th 2020

  • NEW Header category menu (desktop) optional dark body overlay on hover.
  • Replace /skin/reboot/css/x-menu.css and /skin/reboot/customer/reboot_css_inline.tpl
  • SQL Patch... (clear cache after)

    REPLACE INTO xcart_config VALUES ('reboot_header_menu_overlay','','','Reboot',7017,'checkbox','','','','');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages VALUES ('en','opt_reboot_header_menu_overlay','<span class="arrow">&#x2937;</span>Body overlay on menu hover','Options');

July 15th 2020

  • UPDATE Images sitemap generator, better image filename handling - Replace /admin/reboot_images_sitemap.php
  • UPDATE Warnings template, 'cache the menu' setting warning added - Replace /skin/reboot/custom/warnings.tpl
  • UPDATE Developer tools modal - Replace /skin/reboot/custom/tools.tpl
  • UPDATE Sidebar manufacturers menu, optional dynamic search box.
  • UPDATE RSS feeds, guid's added for better validation - Replace /rss.php

July 11th 2020

  • UPDATE Auto upselling products addon, product modify template tweaked, disable buttons added.
  • Replace /skin/reboot/admin/reboot_aup.tpl - Patch File
  • UPDATE Auto upselling products addon, now sorts products by the category products POS (orderby) fields.
  • Replace /reboot/auto_upselling_products.php
  • UPDATE JSON-LD minor updates - Replace /skin/reboot/custom/json-ld.tpl
  • UPDATE Header combo menu, mega menus improved - Replace /skin/reboot/custom/menus/menu_combo.tpl
  • UPDATE Header category menu (desktop), optional manufacturers mega menu.
  • Replace - /skin/reboot/custom/menus/menu_categories.tpl
  • SQL Patch... (clear cache after)

    REPLACE INTO xcart_config VALUES ('reboot_header_menu_manufacturers','','','Reboot',7015,'checkbox','','','','');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages VALUES ('en','opt_reboot_header_menu_manufacturers','<span class="arrow">&#x2937;</span>Include manufacturers mega menu','Options');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages VALUES ('en','opt_descr_reboot_header_menu_manufacturers','Only applies to \'Categories\' menu setting above.','Options');
  • FIX Admin header - Replace /skin/reboot/head_admin.tpl - Patch File
  • FIX Testimonials addon, the email links to testimonials admin were incorrect - Replace /testimonial_send.php

July 3rd 2020

  • UPDATE Egoods module, customer file download page improved. Better file size display instead of just "x bytes". Sends a download notification email to the orders department with date, file, key, login, IP, user agent.
  • Replace /download.php and /skin/reboot/modules/Egoods/main.tpl
  • SQL Patch... (clear cache after)

    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages VALUES ('en','lbl_download_notification','Download Notification','Labels');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages VALUES ('en','lbl_file_size_extended','{{length}}','Labels');

June 24th 2020

  • FIX Cloud Zoom now works on product images, for products that don't have any detailed images Patch Files
  • FIX load_defer_code templater plugin as per bug fix - /include/templater/plugins/function.load_defer_code.php
  • UPDATE Account email address field maximum length set to 64 characters - /skin/reboot/customer/main/register_account.tpl
  • UPDATE sweetalert2 JS & CSS files updated to the latest v9.15.2
  • UPDATE Redactor editor updated - /skin/common_files/modules/Redactor/redactor/redactor.min.js

June 17th 2020

  • NEW Ability to swap product thumbnail images on hover - Demo - Patch Files
  • NEW Ability to choose which static pages have a 'Printable Version' button Patch Files
  • UPDATE Missing 'Printable Version' link added to product header (/skin/reboot/customer/main/product_header.tpl)
  • UPDATE IP address added to new user account admin notification email (/skin/reboot/mail/html/signin_admin_notification.tpl)
  • UPDATE Redactor editor updated to latest version - Replace /skin/common_files/modules/Redactor/*
  • UPDATE Flickity CSS minor tweak - Replace /skin/reboot/css/misc/flickity.css

June 13th 2020

  • NEW Ability to quickly change the order of the homepage slider slides via ↑ ↓ buttons
  • Replace /skin/reboot/admin/main/configuration_reboot.tpl - Then apply SQL Patch (clear cache after)
  • NEW Ability to change the homepage slider captions animation type (bounce/fade/zoom) and animation speed (slower/slow/normal/fast/faster).
  • FIX Theme > Body background image type > "Single Fixed Image" works as it should now.
  • UPDATE Lightbox JS & CSS updated.

June 5th 2020

v4.7.12.2 New Release

  • UPDATE Redactor settings (/skin/common_files/modules/Redactor/redactor.tpl)
  • UPDATE Redactor editors - font color plugin palette improved (81 colour set)
  • UPDATE Menu combo manufacturer section - add check if manufacturer module enabled (/skin/reboot/custom/menus/menu_combo.tpl)
  • UPDATE Add active class to header category menu (/skin/reboot/custom/menus/menu_categories.tpl)
  • UPDATE Top header promo carousel now has prev/next arrow buttons.
  • UPDATE Footer testimonials carousel now autoplays.
  • UPDATE Install Step 7 updated to get maximum upload size.
  • UPDATE Minor changes to fastlane and one page checkout.
  • UPDATE reCAPTCHA addon CSS file updated to fix mobile alignment issues.
  • UPDATE Admin top page views updated to hide blog posts if not enabled (/skin/reboot/admin/main/reboot_page_views.tpl)
  • UPDATE Admin header background now a gradient (/skin/reboot/head_admin.tpl)
  • UPDATE Promo examples updated.
  • NEW "Find Order" form for non-logged-in customers added to header account dropdown menu (/skin/reboot/custom/header/dropdown_account.tpl and /skin/reboot/custom/mobile_modals.tpl)
  • NEW Homepage setting - latest news can be displayed on homepage (/skin/reboot/custom/news.tpl)
  • NEW Edit homepage and edit sidebar links added to admin reboot dropdown menu (/skin/reboot/admin/reboot_admin_menu.tpl)
  • NEW Header search input placeholder label added (lbl_header_search_placeholder)
  • NEW Egoods Module - Upload ESD file directly from the product modify page.
  • NEW Social setting to hide social icons.
  • NEW Sidebar setting for the testimonial submit page.
  • NEW Risk checker link added to admin users online list.
  • NEW New simple country and/or IP blocker from text file list added (in /reboot).
  • NEW Testimonials addon - 'per page default' setting added.
  • NEW Feather SVG icons added.
  • FIX Event modal fixed (/skin/reboot/custom/event.tpl)
  • FIX Homepage products using masonry layout now works correctly (/skin/reboot/custom/home/welcome_products.tpl)
  • FIX Speedbar link URLs, {$current_location}/ removed in case of external links.
  • FIX Added missing lbl_calendar label for blog calendar.

May 28th 2020

  • NEW Two new template settings for the header search box - size (SM/MD/LG), and search term required
  • SQL Patch... (clear cache after)

    REPLACE INTO xcart_config VALUES ('reboot_header_search_size','','lg','Reboot',12005,'selector','','sm:Small\n:Medium\nlg:Large','','');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages VALUES ('en','opt_reboot_header_search_size','Header search - input size','Options');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_config VALUES ('reboot_header_search_required','','Y','Reboot',12007,'checkbox','','','','');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages VALUES ('en','opt_reboot_header_search_required','Header search - input must contain a value to search','Options');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_config VALUES ('reboot_predictive_search_enabled','','Y','Reboot',12010,'checkbox','','','','Y');

May 27th 2020

  • UPDATE Product video gallery - GROUP BY setting added, to fix duplicate videos (/videos.php)
  • UPDATE Admin Header - Background style added to #admin-top-menu (/skin/reboot/head_admin.tpl)

May 23rd 2020

  • NEW New addon - Address Auto-Complete Patch Files
  • NEW Ping Google and Bing from the XML sitemap generator (/skin/reboot/modules/XML_Sitemap/config.tpl)
  • NEW Homepage Style 2 (/skin/reboot/custom/home/home_style_2.tpl) More soon...
  • NEW Ability to change the general colour theme with one click (/skin/reboot/admin/main/configuration_reboot.tpl)
  • SQL Patch... (clear cache after)

    REPLACE INTO xcart_config VALUES ('reboot_body_container','','fixed','Reboot',1010,'selector','','fixed:Fixed\nfluid:Fluid','','Y');

May 14th 2020

  • UPDATE Bootstrap updated to v4.5.0. jQuery updated to v3.5.1 (upload new jquery-min.js file to /skin/reboot/lib/)
  • Bootstrap CSS & JS Files jQuery v3.5.1

    NEW /videos.php page to display your product videos as a gallery. Demo.

    TWEAKS Various minor design fixes, including OPC.

May 7th 2020

  • NEW FIX Mobile category and account menus re-worked. Safari issues fixed. Better performance.

    Patch Files (updated 9th May)

May 2nd 2020

  • NEW Two new search results 'per page' settings added.

    Install Step 8 Updated - /include/search.php

    SQL Patch... (clear cache after)

    REPLACE INTO xcart_config VALUES ('reboot_per_page_steps','','8','Reboot',12105,'numeric','','','','Y');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages VALUES ('en','opt_reboot_per_page_steps','Search results per page - number of options','Options');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_config VALUES ('reboot_per_page_view_all','','N','Reboot',12107,'checkbox','','','','');
    REPLACE INTO xcart_languages VALUES ('en','opt_reboot_per_page_view_all','Search results per page - view all products enabled','Options');

Apr 22nd 2020

  • UPDATE Testimonials Manager (now compatible with PHP v7.4.x) - Replace /skin/reboot/modules/Testimonials/xcrud/xcrud.php and /skin/reboot/modules/Testimonials/xcrud/xcrud_db.php

Apr 21st 2020

  • FIX Homepage hero promo (fixed background setting) - Replace /skin/reboot/custom/promos/promo_hero.tpl

Apr 15th 2020

  • UPDATE Video embedding - Replace /skin/reboot/js/plugins/lazysizes/plugins/video-embed/ls.video-embed.min.js

Apr 12th 2020

  • BUG FIX Contact us form validation issue - Replace /skin/reboot/customer/help/contact_us.tpl

Apr 11th 2020

  • FIX Latest Wordpress posts (repeating posts) - Replace /reboot/wordpress_latest.php

Apr 3rd 2020

  • UPDATE Minify updated to latest version - Replace /min/*

Mar 29th 2020

  • UPDATE Redactor editor updated to latest version - Replace /skin/common_files/modules/Redactor/*
  • FIX Product descriptions - Replace /skin/reboot/customer/main/product_info.tpl and /skin/reboot/customer/main/product_tabs.tpl

Mar 28th 2020

  • BUG FIX Address fields validation issue - Replace /skin/reboot/customer/address_fields.tpl

Mar 27th 2020

  • BUG FIX Breadcrumbs issue - Replace /skin/reboot/customer/bread_crumbs.tpl

Mar 13th 2020

v4.7.12.1 Initial Release

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