It's a fully customisable template/skin/theme for X-Cart Classic, with lots of features and options, enabling you to setup a new store quickly and cost effectively.

It's based on the world's most popular front-end open source toolkit, Bootstrap 4.

First released in 2013, it has been a tried, tested and trusted template for hundreds of store owners around the world.

Many businesses using this template have seen increased revenue and gone from strength to strength.

The Standard License costs $299 which entitles you to use the template on a single store - ideal for startups.

The Developer License costs $599 which entitles you to use the template on multiple stores - ideal for agencies and freelancers.

The prices include free basic support via live chat, email or ticket system and free updates forever whenever available.

No on-going fees whatsoever. No SAAS nonsense.

If you'd like us to install it, we charge $100 per store, which includes basic setup, addons and tweaking.

If you'd like us to assist you further with building your store, please contact us for a quote.

No, updates will always be available free of charge. When available, you can simply re-download the files from your order details page.

Due to the open-source nature of the template, we do not offer a trial or demo at this time. It's been many years in development and we're confident you'll be pleased with it's features and performance. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Yes, we can assist with any X-Cart related requirements at a very competitive price. Feel free to get in touch for a quote.

An extended support package is available at $499, which gives you unlimited priority support for 3 months (limited slots available).

reBOOT reDUX has been completely rewritten, and due to the time invested in development we've had to release it as a separate product.

reDUX is based on the latest Bootstrap v4.5.2. The old version uses Bootstrap v3.4.1.

We have brought reBOOT up-to-date for 2020 with many enhancements and improvements.

If you have purchased any template from us in the past, a $50 discount is available, using coupon code: REDUX-50

Yes, but due to the nature of custom templates, you cannot simply overwrite your existing template. New files, template settings and PHP edits will need to be applied.

Drop us a line if you'd like us to assist.

reBOOT is available for X-Cart Classic v4.7.12+ stores only. It's built for store owners who do not yet wish to make the leap to v5.x.

X-Cart v5.x is an entirely different platform with different code architecture. We have no immediate plans to convert it to v5.x.

There are numerous templates available for X-Cart v5.x, but none that we know of that have the features and quick-start capability of reBOOT.

In addition, there are no ongoing costs with reBOOT.

Yes, any PHP version up to v7.4.x should work fine.

reBOOT has been designed to be feature-rich without being overly bloated. Performance depends a lot on your server. We can advise if you want to speed up reBOOT further.

Without any content loaded, the site weighs in at under 500k (with speedup tools and compression enabled). Demo.

We recommend being economical with categories, disable any unnecessary modules, and you should always optimise your images.

No, it's entirely open source and doesn't call home.

A lot depends on your server. Category menu caching needs to be disabled, but we have put some optional settings in to limit the category menu levels, in case you experience any slowdown.

If you have specific category display requirements, we recommend you contact us first.

Minify is used for the reBOOT template JS & CSS assets.

The X-Cart speedup tools are still used for the X-Cart JS & CSS assets.

With Minify, you can make reBOOT changes, without the need to clear the cache each time.

Using Minify has little impact on page load speed, however we may remove the need for Minify down the line. We'll see how it goes.

We test using X-Cart Platinum, so most bundled modules have been tested, or at least tried out. Others include...

The XPDF Invoices module has not been tested yet.

The POS (Point of Sale) module has not been tested, as we do not own the necessary hardware.

We do not recommend using the Popup Anywhere and Exit Offers modules.

The Infinite Scroll module will never be integrated, as the general concensus is, it's bad for SEO.

The Social Login module (Janrain) has never worked for us, but if you want it, get in touch.

If you wish us to test a specific module including third-party ones, or have found a bug somewhere, please get in touch.

Yes, but the old version is going into 'sunset' mode, meaning that it will not get any more new features.

We recommend modernizing your store with the new reBOOT reDUX.

Most modern browsers are supported, including Firefox, Chrome, Edge (including Edge Chromium), Opera, Safari etc.

Limited support for IE11 and below (polyfills used). An alert will appear for IE users encouraging them to upgrade, or use a better browser.

Bootstrap is an open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS. It has a responsive grid system, extensive prebuilt components, and powerful plugins built on jQuery.

Advantages of Bootstrap:

  • Easy to use: Anybody with just basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can start using Bootstrap
  • Responsive features: Bootstrap's responsive CSS adjusts to phones, tablets, and desktops
  • Mobile-first approach: In Bootstrap, mobile-first styles are part of the core framework
  • Browser compatibility: Bootstrap 4 is compatible with all modern browsers

Incidentally, X-Cart v5.x uses the older Bootstrap v3.3.7.

Bootstrap is used by some of the biggest and most successful companies on the web, including Twitter, Walmart and Alibaba.

Alternative frameworks are Foundation, Materialize, Bulma and Tailwind, but these are less popular.

We keep the original Bootstrap CSS file intact, and use an override CSS file for tweaks. That means we can upgrade to future Bootstrap versions easily.

Possibly, we'll see nearer the time. Bootstrap v5 uses vanilla JS, removing the need for jQuery, however X-Cart Classic is likely to always depend on jQuery.

Both have their strong and weak points. Click here for a comparison.

Go to the support page and enter your order ID to find your order invoice, which contains the download link.

If you still can't download, we may need to prolong your download link. Please contact us.

  1. Check the latest PHP logs in /var/log
  2. Double-check you've uploaded all template files and folders correctly.
  3. Do a template audit, in case there's invalid Smarty code somewhere - Admin > reBOOT > Check TPL Syntax

Or, if your store is not live or closed, you can display PHP errors on screen, by editing /config.php (make a backup first!) ...

Set $debug_mode = 3; and uncomment #define('DEVELOPMENT_MODE', 1);

If you can't solve, feel free to submit a ticket. We may ask for X-Cart Admin and/or FTP access.

Firstly ensure the Minify script is working correctly. See the install page for details.

It might be because your store is in a subfolder. See the following line in /min/.htaccess

Eg. if your store resides in /store, change to...

The custom category menus require the menu cache to be off. To hide the message...

In /admin/main.php



If you have hundreds of categories and experience any slowdown, you can limit the header category menu levels in the template settings, and sidebar category menu levels in the Flyout Menus module settings.

Please contact us with as much info as possible and we'll get back to you ASAP. We may ask for X-Cart Admin and/or FTP access.

Please contact us with your requirements and we'll give you a quote.

We may not charge for small changes, and if they are good enough we may add them to the codebase.

They are in /min/groupsConfig.php

You can add the code to /skin/reboot/customer/third_party.tpl which will load at the bottom of the page.

They are not supported at the moment. The lightbox has image zoom capability also, so you might want to try that instead. See the detailed images module settings.

This is fixed in the latest version (/skin/reboot/modules/One_Page_Checkout/ajax.checkout.js)

Yes, edit /skin/reboot/customer/main/ask_question.tpl and change false to true in...

{assign var="hide_phone" value=false}

You can use a file comparison tool / DIFF tool. Popular ones are listed on the resources page.

For a 200x200 size QR code that links to your homepage...

If you are looking for a safe, ad-free QR code reader for Android, try this one by Trend Micro.

They are language labels, so search for lbl_promo_item_

You can display up to 10 messages/links.

The settings are in /skin/common_files/modules/Redactor/redactor.tpl

The documentation to change settings is available here.

It'll most likely be a folder permissions issue.

For the majority of servers, this won't occur, but ensure the following folders are writable (CHMOD 777) ...

/images/T.swap /skin/reboot/images/backgrounds

Also ensure the folders in /uploads/ are writable.

The templates are in /skin/reboot/custom/header/

Each column has its own template, which reside in /skin/reboot/custom/footer/contents/

The footer column headings are language labels.

In /skin/reboot/customer/main/products_t.tpl


{foreach from=$products item=product name=products}


{* Skip blog posts *}
{if $ eq "Y"}
{* /Skip blog posts *}

Please report bugs, or send feature requests here, or in a support ticket.

Post a quick testimonial on the X-Cart forum and / or on our site.

Get involved with the X-Cart forum thread.

Post a review of the template on your blog or site. Let us know and we'll reciprocate with a link back.

If you're feeling generous, drop us a PayPal tip, here, every little helps.

Edit /skin/reboot/css/bootstrap-overrides.css near the top...

a { color: #007bff; text-decoration: none; background-color: transparent; }
a:hover { color: #0056b3; text-decoration: underline; }

There are examples in the demo, and you can explore the code in the templates in /skin/reboot/custom/reboot/

Use the powerful mobile-first flexbox grid to build layouts of all shapes and sizes thanks to a twelve column system, five default responsive tiers, and dozens of predefined classes.

The full documentation is available here.

Valid HTML is as follows...

PICTURE is the preferred method...

Edit one of the following, depending on which type of sidebar you have enabled...




And the mobile-only sidebar if you have it enabled...


We suggest images that are 16:9 ratio format, eg. 1366x768

That way, they'll resize nicely on mobiles and match up with any slider videos you may have, which are usually 16:9 HD format.

For each slide, you can upload a smaller image for mobiles, eg. 575x323

Whichever image size you choose, we recommend keeping the same for all slides.

In the template settings see Theme > Body font stack and Theme > Headings font stack

You can use system font stacks or Google fonts, which are viewable here.

Google fonts do not add much overhead, and if already cached, should not affect page speed much at all.

See /skin/reboot/css/bootstrap-overrides.css and look for .btn-primary

Favicons reside in /skin/reboot/images/icons and the template for them is /skin/reboot/customer/favicons.tpl

Favicomatic is a handy tool for generating them.

There's dozens available, see /skin/reboot/custom/widgets/widget_payment_icons.tpl

You can create a breakout DIV like this, which will stretch the entire screen width, even with a fixed layout...

Here's an advanced promo breakout DIV...

Examples here.

Yes, edit /skin/reboot/custom/mobile_modals.tpl and find...

{assign var="modal_size" value="sm"}

Acceptable values are sm, md, lg and xl.

In your store root, edit /shop_closed.html

There's two styles provided, /shop_closed_1.html and /shop_closed_2.html

Yes, edit the first line in /skin/reboot/customer/main/product_tabs.tpl

Align Left...

Align Center...

You can also change the alignment of the product info tabs by editing /skin/reboot/custom/home/welcome_products.tpl

They are in /skin/reboot/custom/json_ld.tpl

They are in /skin/reboot/custom/meta_og.tpl

All the information is available here (Google) and here (Bing).

You can ping the search engines directly from the sitemap generation page.

Or you can use the following URLs...


This is highly recommended to avoid duplicate URLs.

In .htaccess...

Check the recommended .htaccess code here.

This is highly recommended to avoid duplicate URLs, but you must only choose ONE OPTION...

In .htaccess...



Check the recommended .htaccess code here.

Suggested robots.txt code is available here (note the sitemap entries at the bottom).

It's a long-standing X-Cart issue, due to the order X-Cart loads JS resources. It's not possible to fix. Try and ignore it.

Provided you get over 90% in GTMetrix (A grade), you'll be doing far better than most sites.

There are plentiful low-cost performance VPS servers available.

Having a server with an SSD drive makes a huge difference, as does HTTP/2 support.

Just avoid going down the budget or shared server route. You get what you pay for!

Ensure you've added our recommended .htaccess code to enable compression, file caching etc.

Images usually make up the bulk of page load, so ensure they are well optimized. Use JPEGs instead of PNGs, as they tend to be smaller file size.

Blog posts are essentially products in disguise.

You simply assign ONE category as your blog category. You can add blog subcategories if you wish.

Then you can assign products to be a blog post and set the blog category / subcategory.

The built-in blog has advantages over using Wordpress...

  • Blog posts can be assigned to any additional product category
  • Blog posts can show up in general product search results, so customers might find a useful article to peruse
  • Blog posts can be defined as related (upselling) items for products, so act as support pages for your products
  • You can set upselling products for each blog post and have reciprocal links from products back to blog posts
  • You may have a product as yet unreleased or coming soon. You can initially set it as a blog post, then change to a product when it's available for sale

But, if you'd prefer to use Wordpress as your blog, there's an addon available.

For a single image, you can use code like this...

Or for a group of images, you can use code like this...

Or if you would like a simple way to zoom a thumbnail...

Or to zoom a thumbnail and switch image...

For a single YouTube video, you can use code like this...

{include file="custom/youtube_lightbox.tpl" id="YE7VzlLtp-4" caption="Video 1 Caption" thumbnail=true}

Or for a group of videos in a grid, you can use code like this...

Or how about a video carousel...

{capture name=videos}
{include file="custom/video.tpl" id="YE7VzlLtp-4" carousel=true swipe=true title="Custom Video Title 1"}
{include file="custom/video.tpl" id="ni5hRK1ehzk" carousel=true swipe=true title="Custom Video Title 2"}
{include file="custom/video.tpl" id="YGE5euSZnbI" carousel=true swipe=true title="Custom Video Title 3"}
{include file="custom/video.tpl" id="ScMzIvxBSi4" carousel=true swipe=true title="Custom Video Title 4"}
{include file="custom/video.tpl" id="ctvlUvN6wSE" carousel=true swipe=true title="Custom Video Title 5"}
{include file="custom/videos.tpl" content=$smarty.capture.videos nodialog=true carousel=true mb="5"}

Or how about a YouTube feed...

{include file="custom/widgets/widget_youtube_feed.tpl" username="bbcnews" limit="4"}

This code will display you an embedded, responsive, lazyloaded video. Note the data-youtube attribute, which is the YouTube video ID.

When you view a YouTube video, the ID is in the URL -

Title is optional, if you don't want a title, remove the second line, or just add class d-none to the line.

This code will display you an embedded, responsive, lazyloaded video. Note the id, which is the YouTube video ID.

When you view a YouTube video, the ID is in the URL -

{include file="custom/youtube.tpl" id="vr0qNXmkUJ8" title="Optional YouTube Video Title"}

Title is optional, if you don't want a title, leave it blank.

You can do the same for Vimeo videos...

{include file="custom/vimeo.tpl" id="76979871" title="Optional Vimeo Video Title"}

And MP4 videos...

{include file="custom/mp4.tpl" id="path/to/video.mp4"}

You can use Smarty code like this...

{include file="custom/widgets/widget_image_gallery.tpl" id="test-gallery-1" folder="uploads/gallery" thumb_width="200" images="8"}

Then upload your images and/or folders of images to /uploads/gallery and it does the rest.

There's also a thumbnail generator /uploads/gallery/thumbnails.php which can speed up the gallery display, especially if you have large images.

You might want to rename thumbnails.php for security.

You can use Smarty code like this...

{include file="custom/widgets/widget_map.tpl" address="Buckingham Palace, London" height="300" type="roadmap" zoom="15" br=true breakout=false}
{include file="custom/widgets/widget_map.tpl" address="Stonehenge, Wiltshire" height="300" type="satellite" zoom="19" br=true breakout=false}

If you'd like a basic store locator...

{include file="custom/widgets/widget_store_locator.tpl" title=$lng.lbl_store_locator height="300" type="roadmap" zoom="10"}

There's a widget, which you can tweak...

{include file="custom/widgets/widget_portfolio.tpl"}

There's a widget...

{include file="custom/widgets/widget_category_table.tpl" title=$lng.lbl_categories size="md" single_cats_last=true br=true background="#f3f7ff" color="#000"}

There's a widget to add a simple contact form, that submits without page refresh and is secured against spam bots...

{include file="custom/widgets/widget_quick_contact.tpl" rows=5 maxlength=500}

It's also one of the available footer blocks.

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