Step 1

If you haven't yet downloaded the zip file, get it from your order invoice.

Order ID

Unzip the zip file, to your local computer.

Then upload the files and folders in the /UPLOAD folder to your store root folder (where config.php resides).

Step 2

This step enables your Smarty debug console to be private. A new IP address field will be added to Admin > General Settings.

In /init.php



Step 3

This step loads the reBOOT related stuff.

In /postauth.php



Step 4

This step loads the product related stuff.

In /product.php



Step 5

This step ensures that all tables are exported when performing a database backup in X-Cart.

In /admin/db_backup.php



Step 6

This step populates the manufacturers dropdown in the admin 'Quick Find' panel.

In /admin/auth.php AND /provider/auth.php



Step 7

This step saves all the custom product fields and gets the maximum file upload size.

In /include/product_modify.php





Step 8

This step adds custom product fields to the $trusted_post_variables array.

In /admin/product_modify.php



Step 9

This step adds custom product fields to the $trusted_post_variables array.

In /provider/product_modify.php



Step 10

This step adjusts the products 'per page' dropdown options.

In /include/search.php



Step 11

This step loads the templates for custom pages.

In /skin/common_files/common_templates.tpl




{* Reboot Template *}

{elseif $main eq 'reboot_faq'}
{include file='custom/faq/faq.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'reboot_glossary_admin'}
{include file='admin/reboot_glossary.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'reboot_glossary'}
{include file='custom/glossary.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'reboot_page_views'}
{include file='admin/reboot_page_views.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'reboot_order_stats'}
{include file='admin/reboot_order_stats.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'reboot_manager'}
{include file='admin/reboot_manager.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'reboot_testimonials_admin'}
{include file='admin/reboot_testimonials.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'reboot_testimonials'}
{include file='modules/Testimonials/testimonials.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'reboot_testimonial_add'}
{include file='modules/Testimonials/testimonial_add.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'reboot_coupons_main'}
{include file='modules/Discount_Coupons/coupons_main.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'reboot_product_videos'}
{include file='custom/product_videos.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'reboot_products_trending'}
{include file='custom/products_trending.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'wordpress'}
{include file='custom/wordpress.tpl'}

{* /Reboot Template *}

Step 12

This step adds the resources for the Redactor HTML editors.

In /skin/common_files/single/home.tpl AND /skin/common_files/admin/home.tpl (if using X-Cart Platinum)



{* Reboot Template *}
{if $active_modules.Reboot && $main ne "languages"}
  {include file="modules/Redactor/redactor.tpl"}
{* /Reboot Template *}

Step 13

This step adds the reBOOT admin header dropdown menus.

In /skin/common_files/admin/goodies.tpl



{* Reboot Template *}
{if $usertype eq "A" && $active_modules.Reboot && $alt_skin_info.alt_schemes_skin_name eq "reboot"}
  {include file="admin/reboot_admin_menu.tpl"}
{* /Reboot Template *}

Step 15

This step sets a password for the testimonials manager.

In /testimonials_admin.php change the password at the top of the file.

Password must be at least 8 characters and must contain at least 1 letter, 1 digit and 1 special character.

Step 16

This step connects the testimonials manager to the X-Cart database.

In /skin/reboot/modules/Testimonials/xcrud/xcrud_config.php change the database connection credentials at the top of the file.

They must match the connection credentials in /config.php in your store root.

Step 17

This step patches the database with new languages, template settings, product fields etc.

In X-Cart Admin, go to Tools > Patch/Upgrade and underneath "Apply SQL patch", browse to and apply the following SQL patches from your local /SQL folder...

Step 17 A 01_reboot_config_and_languages.sql

Step 17 B 02_reboot_template_settings.sql

Step 17 C 03_reboot_template_addons.sql

Step 18

This step clears the cache.

In X-Cart Admin, go to Tools > Maintenance

Step 18 A Click the "Force cache generation" button

Step 18 B Click the "Rebuild category indexes" button

Step 18 C Click the "Clear X-Cart cache" button

Step 18 D Click the "Re-generate the image cache" button

Step 19

This step activates the skin.

In X-Cart Admin, go to Settings > General Settings > Appearance

Under 'Select skin to use', select reBOOT reDUX and click 'Apply changes'.

Installation complete!

You should now see the new template on your store front-end and a new 'reBOOT' menu in Admin.

Browse through the reBOOT template settings to get aquainted.

If the CSS is not rendering, first try this URL...

The resulting output should look like this

If not, in /min/.htaccess



Failing that, ensure you have uploaded all the template files correctly (Step 1).

Failing that, post a ticket with your FTP details.


Enable Clean URLs by visiting Admin > General Settings > SEO and follow the instructions.

Suggested additional .htaccess code is available here. This enables compression, leverages browser caching, forces HTTPS / www. etc.

Suggested additional .htaccess code to block bad user agents /spiders is available here.

For Nginx users, additional Nginx directives:

Suggested robots.txt code is available here (note the sitemap entries at the bottom).

Favicons reside in /skin/reboot/images/icons and the template for them is /skin/reboot/customer/favicons.tpl

We recommend securing your X-Cart root /admin folder, which you can usually do via your hosting control panel.


Most available addons are built-in, but some require additional modifications. Head over to the addons page for details.

SVG Icons

Hundreds of SVG icons can be downloaded here (900k). You can upload them to /skin/reboot/images/icons and preview them here.


Hundreds of background tiles and images can be downloaded here (30MB). You can upload to /skin/reboot/images/backgrounds and then browse the images at, or you can preview them here.

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